Centered Crystals is a passion project. We fell in love with the power of crystals, and we felt a need to share crystals with others who needed them. Welcome to Centered Crystals, a local, NYC-based crystals boutique. We offer limited selections of crystals and stones because we take pride in the quality of our products. All of our crystals are sourced from trusted vendors and treated with the utmost care. We only work with people that parallel our values and promise transparency to our customers.

From our key vendor: 

"My crystal journey began thirty-three years ago when a friend gifted me with a small clear quartz cluster. This awakened my crystal connection and wisdom, and I began to buy more stones. I felt an inexplicable connection with crystals -- an ancient knowledge of how to facilitate healing with them. At first, I worked only with friends and family, but as the word of my work with crystals spread, many others came to me for healing sessions. They too felt a connection with the crystals and they also wanted the stones everywhere in their lives – at home and at work. That’s when I began to sell crystals.

Over the years I have built a large collection of crystals. I personally select each one.  I cherish them, give them love, and listen to their messages. I interact with crystals very naturally and find their guidance to be powerful. I believe that crystals will find exactly where they should be and who they belong with. It is my life’s work to get them out into the world and I love it. I am grateful to have CenteredCrystals helping me spread the light and joy.”